Please Transfer Your Subscription

If you’re reading this, you’re not getting current Needless Pounds posts.  As a side-effect of having moved to a new host, you won’t get future Needless Pounds posts delivered to your email unless you visit the new site and subscribe there.  This is to help prevent spammers from sending you junk mail.

Since moving to the new server, I’ve written these posts that you may have missed

If you’re an email subscriber, you’ll need to go to and scroll alllll the way to the bottom, where you’ll find the subscribe box.  Put your email address in there, and that will start the subscription process.  Like before, you’ll receive a confirmation notice containing a link to click.  Once you click that link, your subscription will transfer, and you’ll continue receiving updates.  I promise not to give your contact information to “The Scooter Store,” “The Publisher’s Clearinghouse,” or the makers of “Viagra.”

If you’re a Facebook fan, you’ll continue to receive updates via the Needless Pounds facebook page without interruption.  You can follow Needless Pounds on Twitter, too!

If you’re a WordPress Follower, since my new blog is not a blog, your guess is as good as mine.  You might sign up as an email subscriber, like Needless Pounds on Facebook, follow @needlesspounds on Twitter or do all of these things!  If you find a way to follow Needless Pounds from WordPress, please let me know!

See you over there

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